My small happiness

Hi how are you guys?

It is getting cold here but I can see the beautiful night every day, it is star.
there are lots of stars in the sky, so while I go home, I always look up and see it.
It is so amazing scene. It makes me warm too.
Next month, we have Christmas!! What is your plan on Christmas Day?
I hope to spend with my friend this year, and want to do a pot party!!!:)

Anyway, Today I did nothing, and you know just watched TV, used PC and played my dogs.
My family went to outlet in Sanda but my feeling was not fit it.
In the evening, my family went back and my sister bought LEGO that was a Toy Story!!
It was so cute and we made it together. After a long time, I was exciting to put together it.

This was very small news but this was my happiness.

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  1. It’s nice to have the cooler weather and clear skies in winter! I prefer it to the humid summers in Kansai, personally : )
    What is a pot party? Is that like a nabe/ hot pot?

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