High School life and College life

Now, I am a college student with new friends and new environment. Until this March I was in high school also imagined the college life. I saw lots of difference between high school life and college life.

One major difference is rules such a uniform, appearance, our belongings, part time job and so on. There are many rules in high school opposite of college. For example, my high school had an appreciation of culture while I went to a place with my friend, my teacher called us to stop because of our hair. Do you imagine what was it? We didn’t bind our hair. Next day, my friend and I wrote a composition of soul searching. This rules had began before I came back from New Zealand, so I was very surprised as I came back a high school. This case is same with other rules.
In contrast, there are not these rules, so it seems to make much enjoy themselves than as high school students.

Another major difference is class and event. The first, in high school a class have from 1 period to 6 periods every week, however, by each people a schedule of class is different in college. I think this class style in college is more useful for us. The second, there are various event in high school like a culture festival, an athletic festival and a chorus contest but in college we don’t have enough event like high school. The event made our memories and it is not too much to say that the event show how fun in high school.

Therefore, we would have something still without these. In addition, the differences have positive and negative side sometimes, so we have to get used to new environment like high school and college. If you could do this, you would better lead a pleasant life.

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  1. Excellent journal entry! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts about the differences you’ve noticed between high school and college life. This is a very well-written and concise response to the assignment.

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