Proud of myself

When I was New Zealand, I went to Rotorua Girls High School!!
I took 5 classes and one of them was Tourism.
I like Tourism and also it is for improving my English.

First time, I went to the class alone and really nervous there.
There were lots of kiwi people, and it seeded what it was not place I was.
I made a desperate effort every class but I didn’t talk anyone at all first time.

One day, however, I forgot to bring a eraser and was perplexed it.
The girl who set front of my seat lent my a eraser.
That scene was changed my situation in class!
I tried to ask people and talked a lot.

I think this experienced made me more active:)

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  1. Sounds like you had a breakthrough and were able to overcome your shyness and fear of talking to your classmates. That can be difficult to do, but now that you’ve had the experience, you can use it when you travel in the future.
    There are a couple of points in the second paragraph that are unclear, but for the most part your ideas are clear.

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