Have a good day?
It has been a really cold here, and today, this was sooooo cold.

Last Friday, I went to a theater with Yukimi, Minami and Azusa to see a Burlesque.
I really wanted to watch that movie because I knew about one since showing in foreign country.
Then finished one, I became a crazy about it
like singing a song lot and watching a video over and over.

I love Christina Aguilera, she is the best I love in western artist.
However, from last year, I am getting a fan of Charice.
Do you know about her?
She has a big voice, even younger than me, I am proud of her everything.
I’m so exciting her concert in Oosaka, will write a letter for her.

Anyway, have a good year and hope your happy life….!

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This Friday, I went to the theater to watch
“Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows” with my friends of class 3!!
I really wanted to see that, so I was very excited then.
Before entering theater, I went to buy a popcorn of caramel.
We took a seat and a movie started!

It was absolutely hilarious. I can not wait a final.
When the time is coming, I will watch it with my friends again.

Anyway, this week is my parents birthday.
However, I don’t have any idea for presents.
My sister does too… I asked her that many times but she did’t come up any idea too!
Oh!!!! Please help me!!!

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My small happiness

Hi how are you guys?

It is getting cold here but I can see the beautiful night every day, it is star.
there are lots of stars in the sky, so while I go home, I always look up and see it.
It is so amazing scene. It makes me warm too.
Next month, we have Christmas!! What is your plan on Christmas Day?
I hope to spend with my friend this year, and want to do a pot party!!!:)

Anyway, Today I did nothing, and you know just watched TV, used PC and played my dogs.
My family went to outlet in Sanda but my feeling was not fit it.
In the evening, my family went back and my sister bought LEGO that was a Toy Story!!
It was so cute and we made it together. After a long time, I was exciting to put together it.

This was very small news but this was my happiness.

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High School life and College life

Now, I am a college student with new friends and new environment. Until this March I was in high school also imagined the college life. I saw lots of difference between high school life and college life.

One major difference is rules such a uniform, appearance, our belongings, part time job and so on. There are many rules in high school opposite of college. For example, my high school had an appreciation of culture while I went to a place with my friend, my teacher called us to stop because of our hair. Do you imagine what was it? We didn’t bind our hair. Next day, my friend and I wrote a composition of soul searching. This rules had began before I came back from New Zealand, so I was very surprised as I came back a high school. This case is same with other rules.
In contrast, there are not these rules, so it seems to make much enjoy themselves than as high school students.

Another major difference is class and event. The first, in high school a class have from 1 period to 6 periods every week, however, by each people a schedule of class is different in college. I think this class style in college is more useful for us. The second, there are various event in high school like a culture festival, an athletic festival and a chorus contest but in college we don’t have enough event like high school. The event made our memories and it is not too much to say that the event show how fun in high school.

Therefore, we would have something still without these. In addition, the differences have positive and negative side sometimes, so we have to get used to new environment like high school and college. If you could do this, you would better lead a pleasant life.

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Sooooo tired

Hi guys! How are you?:)

On Monday, I went to the kindergarden for teaching English with some O-Zone members.
It was really hard but students seemed to be very happy, and some girls and boys told me to play more!!!
I was so happy and it became a good opportunity for me….

Anyway, this weekend I worked a part time job which was a chinese restaurant and Haruyama.
A chinese restaurant was in my hometown and have continued it since high school student.
In Haruyama Yukimi and I worked together as staff of packing potato.
The work was 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and also my legs was heavy.

I really want to refresh myself!!!!
Like sleeping, eating, watching and listening and so on….

How many guys enjoy now? Are you satisfied your life now?

How many guys do you want to do your life once more?


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Proud of myself

When I was New Zealand, I went to Rotorua Girls High School!!
I took 5 classes and one of them was Tourism.
I like Tourism and also it is for improving my English.

First time, I went to the class alone and really nervous there.
There were lots of kiwi people, and it seeded what it was not place I was.
I made a desperate effort every class but I didn’t talk anyone at all first time.

One day, however, I forgot to bring a eraser and was perplexed it.
The girl who set front of my seat lent my a eraser.
That scene was changed my situation in class!
I tried to ask people and talked a lot.

I think this experienced made me more active:)

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Hi. How are you?
It is getting cold in Japan. You know that I hate winter of all seasons.
In the morning, I always don’t want to go anywhere….
This year is very strange weather, and it causes my cold, so I take medicine when I feel sluggish.

Every night I sleep with my dog who is Shokora and yesterday it was so cold, and I used an electric footwarmer.
Shokora always sleep with a pillow but last night he slipped in bed. It showed a cold!!!!

Anyway, there are lots of festival in winter like that Halloween, Christmas, and New Years Day!
I will spend it with my friends maybe, and it make me happy, I hope:)

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my dearest friends

I love my friends in my hometown.

We are together from kindergarden to junior high school, and they are so dependable and funny!!!!
From gruduating junior high school, we separated each other to go to high school. However, we often met and talk, and it made me more happy and relax at there.

You know that our character and situation is very different, and also it had changed more when gruduated a high school.
Some of my friends already work and they seem to work hard every day.

Why I like to be with them? Of course, they understand about me anyone else.

Love my friends a lot…..:)

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Festival inTakasago

Last Sunday and Monday, there was a traditional festival in Takasago where is my hometown.
I went to there with my friends every year.
You know that there were crowded with audiences, and a lot of people took a picture it.

There were separated seven town and each town have a portable shrine.
A portable shrine have an originality each other, and in the evening, seven portable shrines paraded around shrine.
That was so cool with shining and dynamism.

I really missed it and thought that my hometown was the best when it finished!!!!!:)
Anyway, I want you to come to see this oneday and also feel it like me.
I’m so proud of this festival very much.

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Hello sweet…

Hi, this is my first post and I want to write about my dogs.

I love almost any kind of animals, and there are my sweet dogs- Donku, Candy and Shocora- at my house, and you know they are my treasure.
We sleep together everyday and Donku who is oldest ones grow up with me. He came to my house when I was 3 or 4 years old, so I could’t do without him. However, his eyes are blind and also his ears can’t hear anymore.
Anyway, I feel happy every time when I’m be and play with them, and see their photos.

Now,you know! my sweet dogs!haha

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